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About CloudTraQ
CloudTraQ(TM) builds positioning technology, software and solutions that invoke consumer “Call-to-action” decisions by connecting brands, offers, and social networking services naturally to consumers through tight integration of cloud, positioning and property transaction systems and personal mobile devices; thus creating mobile virtual foot traffic by delivering “Zero-wait” hyper-relevant engagement experiences including wireless check-ins, virtual queuing and dynamic mobile-to-retail transaction services such as mobile deal offers, wireless purchases and digital content delivery through mobile retail consumer integration with physical property systems.
CloudTraQ is a breakthrough technology provider to the hyper-relevant, mobile consumer engagement services and Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) industries with technology designed to create trusted relationships and realize clear benefits for consumers and merchants.

CloudTraQ solutions can connect mobile device users to brands, merchants, and property systems with cloud-based, real-time digital offer, queuing and authentication technology. In a departure from manufacturer- and app-driven “beacon” technology, our aim is to more efficiently and effectively satisfy the utility and privacy concerns of digital engagements in physical retail and service environments through employment of sensor based technologies.

By using CloudTraQ solutions, customers and guests search for and engage with products, services and venues of personal interest using a dynamic, low-impact “non-app” centric framework that can be operated by any device hosting the service to accept and connect with various enterprise-defined patron experiences. Our targeted markets include Hospitality, Gaming, Retail, Dining, Content Streaming, Digital Signage and others.

Cloutraq's products and services are designed to provide measurable ROI for brands, merchants and properties demanding mobile one-to-one engagements with prtrons to attract new and service existing customers, to better understand guest behavoirs and to create organic transactions designed to enable enduring customer loyalties.

CloudTraQ is focused on developing solutions that further advance the evolving IoE (Internet of Everything) market sector holding several provisional patents and developing partnerships with global technology manufacturers and service providers to dramatically and positively enhance the consumer/guest experience.

'People Engaged'

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